AOTCAustralian Overseas Telecommunications Corporation
AotCAspect of the Cheetah (gaming, World of Warcraft)
AOTCAssociated Offices Technical Committee (UK)
AOTCAdvanced Optical Technologies Corporation (Canada)
AOTCAttack of the Cones
AOTCAhead of Time Crew (band)
AOTCArt of the Covenant (music group)
AOTCAttack of the Clones (Star Wars Episode Two)
AOTCAhead of the Curve
AotCArk of the Covenant (gaming)
AOTCAmerican Opportunity Tax Credit (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009)
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In her response to the most recent audit, Judge Erskine also referred to her response to the previous audit, in which she argued that the court had "effectively managed its inventory" since that responsibility was transferred from the AOTC.
The tax compliance of international students is now a more critical issue because of the partially refundable nature of the AOTC.
I'm sure AOTC will be a huge hit - I would have paid to see it if I hadn't been lucky enough to see it at a screening - but, frankly, it's a lot of noise and fuss about nothing.
Richard Hershman , vice president of government relations for the National Association of College Stores(NACS), notes that a two-year extension of the AOTC will allow the time needed for Congress to carefully craft and pass bipartisan legislation streamlining and simplifying the higher education provisions of the tax code, including the AOTC, without needlessly raising taxes on middle-income families in the interim.
It includes a summary of the AOTC, explanatory examples, answers to frequently asked questions about the credit, and direct links for further information from the IRS.
Fattah is bringing together experts on college finances and the AOTC to advise attendees at Monday's workshop and assist them in tax preparation.
The AOTC covers tuition, textbooks, fees and other higher education expenses for working families, low and middle income students.
His AOTC has already provided $14 billion in tax credits to help low and middle income families pay for college.
Fattah was architect of the original AOTC in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which is set to expire Dec.
The AOTC, which was due to expire at midnight, now continues for another five years.
The AOTC, introduced and adopted as part of President Obama's recovery program in 2009, provides up to $2,500 per year as a refundable tax credit for tuition, textbooks, fees and other higher education expenses for working families, low and middle income students.
5 million families received AOTC tax credits valued at $14.