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AOTFAge Of The Fall
AOTFAcoustic-Optic Tunable Filter
AOTFAwareness and Outreach Task Force
AOTFAmerican Occupational Therapy Foundation
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Reflexion can detect when an AOTF email address is shared with a third party, and provides the tools needed to restrict further propagation.
The AOTF provides Eaton personnel an opportunity to network with minority business entrepreneurs from the entire Midwest region and from multiple industries.
AOTF products can utilize various mediums such as crystals, fibers and waveguides in which acoustic waves at radio frequencies (RF) are used to selectively separate a single wavelength of light at extremely fast tuning speeds from a broadband, multicolor source, without additional de-multiplexing.
The instrument was developed through a joint agreement between the Eastman Chemical Company and Rosemount Analytical and is complementary to Rosemount Analytical's near infrared (NIR) AOTF spectrometer and other rugged process analytical instruments.