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AOTSAttack of the Show (television series)
AOTSArt of the Saber (Star Wars fan film)
AOTSAs One To Serve (United Church of Canada Men's Group)
AOTSAutomatic Optical Track Scanner
AOTSAcoustic Optic Tunable Scanning
AOTSAdvanced OJT Training System
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Participant AOTS composite Gender Age name score Andrea 131 Female 22 Melissa 171 Female 19 Lori 172 Female 22 Sara 183 Female 19 Elaine 184 Female 28 Participant Class Religious name affiliations Andrea Senior Christian Lutheran Evangelical Melissa Freshman Christian Presbyterian Evangelical Lori Senior Christian Other Christian Evangelical Sara Freshman Christian Other Christian Presbyterian Elaine Sophomore Christian Baptist Note.
21st century, the age of networks, join LAJACONET, the Latin America-Japan AOTS Consulting Network", Total Quality Management, Vol.
26) The AOTS is an abbreviation of "As One That Serves" and is linked to the United Church of Canada.
A total of 6,636 Malaysians have been trained through the AOTS, an affiliate of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, since its inception in 1959, the Malaysian Embassy in Tokyo said.
Edwards Deming, MIT, 1986 "Statistical Methods for Quality Improvement," Hitoshi Kume, AOTS, 1985 "People, Quality and Process Improvement," L.
AOTS is a Malaysian company involved in the development of large-scale oil infrastructure projects in south-east Asia.
En ese viaje, practicamente, empezaron los acuerdos con AOTS y empezamos a tomar contacto con los nuevos conceptos de la calidad.
The AOTS facility will be the largest independent oil storage terminal in South East Asia and is to be strategically located adjacent to the major shipping lanes to and from China, Japan, South Korea and South East Thailand.
AOTS is an expert training organization that promotes technical cooperation through training activities in Japan and abroad, focusing mainly on the industrial workers from developing countries.
Si bien en sus origenes las tecnicas para incrementar la productividad de las empresas se concentraron en las fabricas, en anos recientes, el espectro de aplicaciones se amplio significativamen te, como lo indicaron en lineas generales Luis Simonassi y Alfredo Leiter, de AOTS y LAJACONET al trazar un panorama de la direccion estrategica de la produccion.
The representative of the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship, Yasumi Suzuki, said that to date AOTS had organized two training programmes in collaboration with the Pakistan Japan Business Forum and intended to conduct more such programmes.