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42]kDa gene (1125bp) of P falciparum was inserted at SnaB I-Not I sites into pPICK9K yeast transfer vector under AOX1 promoter in fusion with S.
42] kDa gene cloned under AOX1 promoter and has Alpha secretory signal (SS) at amino terminal end.
transformants that survived a concentration of 1 mg/ml Zeocin, 10 colonies were randomly selected and confirmed for the presence of the corresponding Epo gene by PCR using AOX1 primers.
Analyses of AOX1, SUOX, and XDH included data from 11 case children and 24 comparison children matched with the case children who were included in the SNP discovery.
For loci in AOX1, SUOX, and XDH, we also considered variables that summarize the effect of several loci.
In addition, for AOX1, SUOX and XDH, we compared the distribution of groups of variants that are inherited together on the same chromosome (haplotypes).
A total of 125 variations in AOX1, 29 variations in SUOX, and 124 variations in XDH were identified, of which 8 AOX1 loci, 7 SUOX loci, and 5 XDH loci were polymorphic in our study population.
001); this proportion was not significantly different for AOX1 or XDH.
In this regard, Pichia pastoris, which is a methylotrophic yeast, can be an attractive host for the expression of recombinant protein, as it has been developed as an excellent host for the high level expression of heterologous proteins under the AOX1 (alcohol oxidase1) gene promoter which is tightly regulated by methanol (Cereghino and Cregg, 2000; Cregg et al.
After the genomic DNAs were isolated by the manufacturer's protocols (Invitrogen), the presence of the integrated CecP4 was confirmed by PCR using the specific primers of AOX1 gene: forward primer; 5'-GACTGGTTCCAATTGACAA GC-3'/ reverse primer; 5' -GCAAATGGCATTCTGACA TCC-3'.