AOZAdvance of Zeta (gaming)
AOZAmbulante Operative Zentrum (German: Ambulatory Surgical Center)
AOZAccept on Zero
AOZAircraft Operating Zone
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The climate in the AOZ is importantly determined by the ventilation system used in the pig room.
The climate in all pens is equal, and controlling the climate in the AOZ is improved.
Test system RIDASCREENA CHLORAMPHENICOL, test system RIDASCREENA AHD, test system RIDASCREENA SEM, test system RIDASCREENA AOZ, test system RIDASCREENA AMOZ, test system RIDASCREEN A Zeranol, test system RIDASCREENADES, Standard RIDA A DES, test system RIDASCREEN A17 (E--estradiol, Standard RIDA A17 (E--estradiol) (or equivalent)