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AP-1Activated Protein-1 (biochemistry)
AP-1Adaptor Protein Complex 1 (biochemistry)
AP-1Anti-Activator Protein-1 (biochemistry)
AP-1Activator Protein Factor-1
AP-1Airport Plaza 1 (Crystal City, Arlington, VA)
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Because TPA or EGF produced < 2-fold maximal induction of NF[kappa]B activation, and because TNF[alpha] produced less than 2-fold maximal AP-1 activation, dose-response analyses for the respective ligand-induced transcriptional activities were not pursued using the respective cloned reporter cell lines.
19 nM for SRE activation, AP-1 activation, and transformation response (Figure 7).
Regression analysis shows the close relationship between SRE activation, AP-1 activation, and transformation responses to TPA or EGF.
Activation of AP-1 and NF[kappa]B at 3 and 18 hr is required for transformation in the JB6 model (13,15).
Transgenic mice demonstrate AP-1 (activator protein-1) transactivation is required for tumor promotion.
Expression of dominant negative Jun inhibits elevated AP-1 and NF-kappaB transactivation and suppresses anchorage independent growth of HPV immortalized human keratinocytes.