AP-HPAssistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris
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The AP-HP is the number one employer for the region of Ile de-France: 95,000 dedicated professionals - doctors, researchers, paramedics, administrators and workers - work there.
Address for correspondence: Guillaume Arlet, Service de Bacteriologie-Hygiene, Hopital Tenon, AP-HP, rue de la Chine, 75970 Paris CEDEX 20, France; email: guillaume.
Presentation of AP-HP, the Paris Region public hospital authority clinical and translational research in oncology AP-HP is the largest hospital network and clinical research center in Europe.
Christophe Dupont, and sponsored by our partner AP-HP are very encouraging and promising.
With 12 million of people, AP-HP offers 37 hospitals united in 12 hospital groups, 7 million of patient, and more than 2 800 clinical research projects underway in 2011.
Care of nearness to the coverage of the gravest emergencies and rare diseases, AP-HP meet a need of million patients, every year.
The DRCD (Clinical Research and Development Department) is responsible for developing research at AP-HP and implanting all sponsorship regulations pursuant to the provision of article L1121 et seq.
More than 2 800 clinical research projects underway in 2011 within AP-HP, all sponsors combined.
865 research projects (as 31/12/2011) sponsored or managed by AP-HP, including 570 clinical trials with AP-HP institutional sponsorship.
Hosted and initiated by doctors at the AP-HP, the echOpen project is spearheaded by a team of experts and clinicians.
The AP-HP supports the technical and clinical development of the echOpen project by providing the necessary resources and skills in medical and hospital organization, health and imaging data exploitation, as well as regulatory skills related to clinical trials and the development of medical devices.
The purpose of this contract is to acquire, parameterize, implement and maintain a software solution related to the "ophthalmology specialty file" in the hospital information system of AP-HP.