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AP1Activating Protein-1
AP1Acid Phosphatase 1
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As the online submission of the AP1 implies a reduction in the price of the service, solicitors are able to pass this saving on to their clients and offer them more competitive rates.
Gliding was observed in 16 swimmers and in 5 the overlap of the AP1 phase on the LP1 phase, which originated from previous movement cycle.
The activation of transcription factors, such as AP1 (activator protein 1), CRE (cAMP response element), GRE (glucocorticoid receptor element) and NFAT (nuclear factor of activated T-cells), was measured using Pathway Profiling Systems (Clontech Laboratories, CA, USA).
Two reactors are being assessed for approval by UK regulators: Areva''s EPR, a design under construction in Finland and France; and the AP1,000 from Westinghouse, Toshiba''s nuclear engineering subsidiary.
However, from comparisons of g115 and apetala2 promoters, AP1, and AP2 domains two SNPs were identified in the AP2 domain-2.
These dual-bed desiccant units come standard with a 1/16 DIN auto-tune PID controller or optional AP1 control with touchscreen.
What is the relationship between the length of AP1 and BP1?
The company says it has identified and neutralized AP1, a protein complex primarily responsible for photo-aging.
An executive of AP1 Mnatsir Mansur said the industry and trade ministry should stop extending quota to PT Eratex Jaya for 2002 as that company has closed its factory.