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AP2American Pie 2 (movie)
AP2Activator Protein 2 (also seen as AP-2)
Ap2Adipocyte Protein 2
AP2Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me (movie)
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After 5 wk, the oysters in the AP2 treatment showed the greatest development, and were significantly more advanced than those in the APO and AP30 treatments, which differed in turn from those in the AP10 group.
Investing in the USA is also attractive since this is a mature and transparent market with potential for growth," says Eva Halvarsson, CEO of AP2.
2 (a-c), AP3 resulted in 11, AP4 and AP5 12 rapdems each, while API and AP2 produced 6 and 9 patterns respectively (data not shown).
Importantly, TIAA-CREF's interests are aligned with ours," said Anders Stromblad, head of external managers, AP2.
4] Nonstandard abbreviations: SNV, single-nucleotide variafion; Ara-C, arabinofuranosylcytosine; dCK, deoxycyfidine kinase; RFLP, restricfion fragment length sequence variafion; AP2, activator protein 2.
2005; Tontonoz and Spiegelman 2008) MSCs derived from mice exhibited alterations in the methylation status of the CpG islands of adipogenic genes such as AP2 and PPAR [gamma] (Kirchner et al.
The 1,802 transcripts up-regulated in NC cells compared to hESC (1,332 transcripts up-regulated in NC cells only in addition to 470 transcripts that up-regulated in both NC cells and NEP cells) included classical NC markers such as snail homolog 2 (Drosophila) (SNAI2; 154-fold), SOX9 (10-fold), and AP2 (TFAP2A; 8-fold], whereas the transcripts up-regulated in NEP cells comprised expected genes such as PAX6 (117-fold) and forkhead box G1 (FOXG1; 16-fold).
Carbon Disclosure Project Signatories included: Abbey National Alecta, (Ramsay Brufer +46 8 441 9262) Allianz Dresdner Asset Management (Bozena Jankowska +44 20 7475 1733) AP2 (Lennart Jonsson +46 31 704 29 29) AP3 (Pernilla Klein +46 8 555 17 142) Baillie Gifford & Co Calvert (Elizabeth Laurienzo +1 301 657 7047) Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church (Bill Seddon +44 20 7251 1199) Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) (Ariane van Buren +1 212 222 0700) Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds (Bernard Kavaler +1 860 702 3277) Cooperative Insurance Society (CIS) (Helen Beckett +44 161 837 4100) Credit Suisse Group (Dr.
Using state-of-the-art molecular cell biology including siRNA knockdown and reconstitution through bicistronic retroviral mediated transfections, as well as genome editing we will generate stable cell lines expressing WT and functionally defined AP2 mutants.
AP2 requires a performance attribution system for deepening our understanding of where our active return originates.
and Europe, including for corporate custom-imprinted golf balls, our golf business is sustaining its leadership in this environment with successful new products - including the new Titleist Pro V1 golf ball, 909 drivers and AP2 irons - plus continued success in Asian markets," Carbonari said.
The bonds were sold to 24 investors including Accion, AP2, The Bank of Korea, Breckinridge Capital Advisors, The Chugoku Bank, Ltd.