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AP5Amino-Phosphonopentanoate (pharmacological inhibitor)
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Although AP5, (-)-linalool and MK-801 are both able to inhibit NMDA receptors, AP5 and (-)-linalool act as competitive NMDA antagonists, while MK-801 is a non-competitive NMDA inhibitor (Squire et al.
NMDA receptor antagonist AP5 and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor 7-NI affect different phase of learning and memory in gold fish.
In a next set of experiments we tested the tolerance ability of the AP5 whether they can grow in the presence of higher concentrations of ethanol, acids, and sodium chrolides.
Administration of NMDA antagonists, such as AP5 or MK-801, blocks spatial and passive avoidance learning in rats.
Neurite outgrowth of primary E18 neuronal cultures was inhibited by nPM (2 [Micro] g/mL) and rescued by AP5 (Figure 4C), consistent with neurotoxicity assays of cultured slices (Figure 4A).
The primer AP3, AP4 and AP5 revealed more discrimination as compared to AP1 and AP2.
The mineralized zone on claim 370A gets thicker to the southwest, towards claim AP5.
To date, no patients have been dosed in the US AP5 study and there are
To date, no patients have been dosed in the US AP5 study and there are no other clinical trials involving AeroLEF(TM) currently ongoing.
Using video compression, the demonstration will show high-quality digital video delivered across TI's in-booth DSL network consisting of TI's AC5 central office chipset and AP5 PCI ADSL modem chipset connected to a TI digital light processing (DLP(TM))-enabled HDTV to display full motion audio and video that is expected to be the next revenue generating service for DSL service providers.
Specifically, the MK3732 will go onboard TI's remote terminal TNETD4000R, its USB-based AU5 and its PCI-Based AP5 ADSL chipsets.