AP600Advanced Plant 600
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Department of Energy (DOE) and several international utilities to complete the final phase of engineering on the AP600.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission in June of 1992 for review and certification of the AP600 design from a safety standpoint, and will result in engineering documents that can be used to begin planning for plant construction.
It also will allow Westinghouse to quote a firm price and schedule for the first AP600, which could be in operation as early as the turn of the century," Mr.
Ultimate safety in an AP600 will be assured by passive systems based on laws of nature, such as gravity, convection and the physical properties of materials, although active systems will also be available.
Department of Energy (DOE) to complete detailed engineering on the AP600 design.
Yasinsky, president of Westinghouse Electric Corporation praised ARC's selection of the AP600 design which he predicted "should ensure the U.
NRC's Gary Holahan acknowledges that the agency relied on the tests from the AP600 and computer modeling for the AP1000, but says that after extensive review by the commission's technical staff and the Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, it determined that additional testing was not necessary.
The AP1000, like the AP600, features advanced passive safety systems that actually eliminate the need for human intervention in the highly unlikely event of an accident.
Like the AP600, the AP1000 is designed to be even more economical and safer than conventional nuclear power plants.
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Indonesia is also interested in the AP600, Westinghouse's next-generation nuclear power plant, and some of the Corporation's environmental technologies.
The AP600 Engineering Center is being staffed with five BATAN managers and over 25 engineers from various Indonesian organizations.