APADEAutomation of Procurement and Accounting Data Entry
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GA - LAN/Email * APADE at NSC Charleston - Relational DB's * MISIL at NAVILCO - Office Automation * COMPASS for Royal Saudi Navy 1990's - CD-ROM - DoD CIM Support - Object-Oriented - FMSO Programming Reorganization Setting a - Internet/WW/ - Fee-For Service Intranet Operations New Course - Client Server - CMM Level 4 Rating (HP 9000's.
Some of the acronyms associated with these programs are EASE, SAACONS, SPEDE, and a variety of bulletin boards of all shapes and sizes, Standards-based EDI programs depend on such systems as Air Forces' GATEC and MADES II, Defense Logistics Agency supply centers' SPEDE II and DPACS-EC, and Navy's APADE.
He portrays the sometimes humorous and somewhat disrespectful esc apades of junior officers, particularly as the pullout from Vietnam neared in 1972.