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APAIAustralian Postgraduate Award Industry (scholarship)
APAIAssociation of Paroling Authorities International (Huntsville, TX)
APAIAsphalt Paving Association of Iowa (Ames, IA)
APAIAction Packaging Automation, Inc. (Roosevelt, NJ)
APAIAssociation of Performing Arts of India
APAIAnimation Producers Association of India
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In addition, I recorded two collections of Saribas lban comic fables (ensera Apai Alui) told to me by Henry Gerijih in the late 1970s and early 1980s (Sather 1984, Apai Aloi Goes Hunting and Other Stories, Kuching: Persatuan Kesusasteraan Sarawak, and Sather, 2001, Apai Alui Becomes a Shaman and Other Iban Comic Tales, Kota Samarahan: Universiti Malaysia Sarawak) and discussed a rice origin myth which he had related in 1988, comparing it with several different published versions, in an essay on Iban rice myths and ancestry (Sather 1994, "The One-Sided One: Iban Rice Myths, Agricultural Ritual and Notions of Ancestry," Contributions to Southeast Asian Ethnography, 10:119-50).
The 422-bp fragment amplified by the primers MT1 and MT2 was digested by ApaI to identify any A-to-G mutation at up 3243 and electrophoresed on 4% agarose gels.
Despite closely related and typical livestock associated spa types, ApaI PFGE distinguished the t108 pig isolates from the t011 human isolates at a possibly related level (4-5 band differences).
Mausser plans to use her familiarity with ACA standards and her legal background to contribute and actively participate as the APAI representative.
1A, showing that the ApaI restriction enzyme cuts the mutant site, but not the wild-type DNA.
baumannii isolates was digested with ApaI overnight at room temperature (New England Biolabs, St.
The APAI Parole Board Survey 2005 found 12 states that discretionarily paroled more than 50 percent and three states that paroled less than 12 percent of those released during 2005.
Three of the ten folktales that Adelaar records concern the Salako comic fool, Pak Aiai, whom Iban audiences will at once identify with their own Apai Alui.
All three variants were single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and genotyping was carried out by restriction digestion with AluI, HaeIII, and ApaI for exon 1, exon 8, and intron 5, respectively.
The World Bank today announced that it would be funding repairs to the port, airport and damaged roads in Ha apai, all badly affected by Tropical Cyclone Ian, as part of provisions under its Transport Sector Consolidation project which is supported by the Government of Australia.
Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) patterns were determined by using SmaI and ApaI as described (24) and compared with 26 representative clones of the Pneumococcal Molecular Epidemiology Network (26).
2003 Review of Robert Ridu, Ritkos Jitab and Jonas Noeb, King Siliman and Other Bidayuh Folk Tales ; Jayl Langub, Suket: Penan Folk Stories ; and Clifford Sather, Apai Alui Becomes a Shaman and Other Iban Comic Tales, Dayak Studies Monographs, Oral Literature Series, No.