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APAIAustralian Postgraduate Award Industry (scholarship)
APAIAssociation of Paroling Authorities International (Huntsville, TX)
APAIAsphalt Paving Association of Iowa (Ames, IA)
APAIAction Packaging Automation, Inc. (Roosevelt, NJ)
APAIAssociation of Performing Arts of India
APAIAnimation Producers Association of India
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The most frequently studied polymorphisms in VDR gene are BsmI, ApaI, and TaqI, at the 3' end of the VDR gene and thymine/cytosine polymorphism (Fok-I) located at the first potential start site.
ApaI restriction enzyme analysis of Listeria monocytogenes outbreak strain and isolates with [greater than or equal to] 90% similarity to the outbreak strain, southern Germany, 2012-2016.
168) Gail Hughes, Parole Boards Are Worth Saving, CORRECTIONS TODAY, August 2007, at 86 (citing APAI 2005 survey results from twenty-one states).
Our computer simulations showed that this type of orbit can be stable, but if you change things around just a little bit, it can become unstable very quickly," Apai said.
The PFGE genotyping of the strains with the enzymes AscI and ApaI, revealed five genotypic profiles for each enzyme individually, which assigned numbers and letters, respectively (Table 2).
Key investments in maritime infrastructure and safety will include additional maritime navigation aids for Eua, Ha apai, Vava u and the Niuas; equipment for marine safety, maintenance and environmental protection and; improvements to wharves and passenger and cargo facilities.
Isolates were typed by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (21) (PFGE), following digestion of intact genomic DNA with ApaI (Invitrogen) for A.
Two goals from Apai Ukuno and a Sean Miller effort had put the visitors in charge at the break.
Adrian Cieslewicz went close for the Saints early doors before Apai Ukono responded with an ambitious attempt, which flew over the crossbar.
This finding validates models, which will help us to deduce the presence of other exoplanets in other disks," said Daniel Apai of the University of Arizona.
The county commissioner, John Arop Apai, said Friday's incident involved youth from Alel-Thony payam and those from Kangi payam .
Airline Pilots Association International - APAI - for instance, warns Amazon against the move, citing the dangers to the low-flying planes while in the air and those who are on the ground, especially in densely populated cities, in the event of accidents.