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APALAnnals of Pure and Applied Logic (journal)
APALAsociación Psiquiátrica de América Latina (Psychiatric Association of Latin America)
APALApple and Pear Australia Limited (trade association)
APALArray Processor Assembly Language
APALAustralia Pacific Airports Launceston (Launceston, Tasmania, Australia)
APALAs Per Attached List
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Nomads | celebrate after Apal Ukuno scores his side's opening goal in their 4-3 win away to Prestatyn on Friday night
He said: "It is a wonderful honour, and I'm very proud of the fact that the APAL committee saw fit to bestow that honour on me.
At the same time, they also mark the obscenity of the racist gaze that empowers the onlooking mobs, such that"[t]he horror of death" as Dora Apal argues,
Apal dimorphism at the human vitamin D receptor gene locus.
He also becomes known as apal rak, meaning that he has stopped milking cows, a function associated with women and uninitiated boys.
2 million received in connection with the APAL ceded reinsurance commutation during the second quarter 2005, which would be reflected as a reduction to reported net paid losses and LAE for 2005.
Tenders are invited for Construction i/c MBT of a road from Chima Aga to Arai Apal (3.
These Listeria isolates from cantaloupe displayed 2 highly similar PFGE profiles and STs, and the same serotype, Apal PFGE pattern, and VT (Table; Figure 1).
APAL of mine used to to do wet shaves for a living.
Efforts will focus, in this regard, on the realisation of different components of the national programme for development of walks along beaches which is presently run by APAL, in association with coastal municipalities.
Apal said: "She has been given a few offers of work but nothing for mainstreamtelly other than a fewinterviews about her hair-loss which is what everyone seems to want to speak to her about.