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APALAAsian Pacific American Labor Alliance
APALAAsian Pacific American Librarians Association (est. 1980)
APALAAtlantic Provinces Association of Landscape Architects (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
APALAAdvertising Production Association of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
APALAAnthropology, Physical Anthropology, Linguistics and Archaeology Conference
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Apala is one of the earliest genres of neo-traditional Yoruba dance music, with roots in the ajisaari--music sung to rouse Muslims during the fasting period of Ramadan.
Like apala, fuji is generally performed by Muslim musicians but unlike the restrained apala, fuji is a raw, youthful dance music driven by the drum kit, and often heard on the streets and at parties.
The article includes profiles of the Asian/Pacific American library leaders who established these organizations and background information about APALA and AALC/A.
An association such as APALA would support their aspirations and serve as a forum for the discussion and presentation of work-related issues, successes, and problems.
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He was the recipient of the APALA Distinguished Services Award in 1983.
Sally Tseng, the past APALA and CALA president and current CALA executive director, is a dedicated library professional and outstanding cataloging specialist, leading a serials cataloging team at the University of California, Irvine.
nd] Edition (Addison-Wesley, December 2013), by HFI CEO Eric Schaffer, PhD and Global Chief of Technical Staff Apala Lahiri.
Features a new chapter by cross-cultural design and contextual innovation expert Apala Lahiri on managing cultural differences for international organizations and the current best practices for a global UX operation .
The four largest APALA ethnic groups are Chinese (40 percent).
Joining Voto Latino in the #iVoteBecause Twitter party are Project Vote, NAACP, The Advancement Project, Rock the Vote, APALA, Non-Profit Vote, Bus Federation, Ya Es Hora, Our Vote, Mi Familia Vota, Fox News Latino, NALEO, The News Taco, Latino Rebels, Planned Parenthood, Latina Style, Politics365, Serve 60, Fight for the Future and other civic engagement and community groups.