APALCAsian Pacific American Legal Center
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53) The lawsuit filed by APALC on behalf of the workers sought unpaid wages, damages and penalties, as well as assurances from Forever 21 that they not use sweatshop labor in the future.
55) APALC filed an appeal with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
61) Immediately thereafter in what many considered a strong demonstration of leadership and solidarity, the workers held a press conference at the APALC offices to denounce the owner of Forever 21 for retaliating against the workers and the advocates.
To prevent confusion of the different legal actions, the lawyers from the ACLU and NLG representing the advocates in the SLAPP suit joined the APALC lawyers to form one cohesive legal strategy team.
Tang, who is fluent in English, Chinese and French and also excels in the arts, was working as a volunteer at APALC (Asian Pacific American Legal Center), when she first became aware of the plight of the Thai immigrants.
I knew in that instant that I needed to make more people aware of this story as well as of the challenges faced by so many Asian American immigrants in pursuit of the American dream and the incredible role that the APALC plays in this process.
APALC assisted them in securing their legal status and by 2008, dozens of the El Monte workers became citizens and celebrated their long journey in making America, a country that they challenged to live up to its ideals, their permanent home.
Also working with APALC, Bird Marella represented workers who claimed they had been cheated out of wages through record falsification, treated inhumanely and fired in retaliation for their complaints and blacklisted from the industry.
Following the telecast, APALC will make home video copies of the program available to the general public for a nominal fee by calling 213/748-2022.