APALSAutonomous Precision Approach and Landing System (aeronautics)
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APALS provide LED light for up to 200 hours in a light strip (with re-useable 3M adhesive backing) no thicker than a credit card.
These APALS feature a runtime up to 12 hours between charges, an operational life run time of up to a year and three modes: Fast Strobe, Slow Strobe and Steady On/Off.
APALS enhance your battlefield situational awareness, giving you the ability to safely monitor the movement of friendly forces in a dynamic environment.
According to Brite-Strike, APALS are considered the next generation replacement for chemical light sticks.
In the advanced development model (ADM) of APALS being tested, Spectrum designed the electronics chassis and implemented the company's broad skill in digital signal processing (DSP).
Spectrum's hardware/software allowed the APALS navigator to process radar images of ground features and combine them with digital signals from an on-board database of airport runways, global positioning system and an Inertial Measurement Unit.
Spectrum's lead engineer on the APALS project, Rick Sodke, flew aboard the Gulfstream II executive-class jet used in the test flights.