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APAOAsia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology
APAOAsphalt Pavement Association of Oregon (Salem, OR)
APAOamorphous polyalphaolefin
APAOAggregate Producers' Association of Ontario (Canada)
APAOAssociation of Physician Assistants in Oncology
APAOAmorphous Poly-Alpha-Olefins
APAOAsian Pacific Astronomy Olympiad
APAOAcute Peripheral Arterial Occlusion (artery blockage)
APAOArchaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania
APAOAtactic Poly Alpha Olefins
APAOAlternative Policy Advisory Organizations
APAOAssociation of Performance Art Organizers
APAOAmes Public Affairs Office (NASA)
APAOAmino Phenyl Arsine Oxide
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In terms of volume, copolymers was the largest product segment of the global APAO for hot melt market in 2014.
Paper & packaging was the largest application segment of the global APAO for hot melt market in 2014.
In this work, we investigated the effects of molecular weight, comonomer type, and content of the APAOs on the rheological, mechanical, and thermal properties of PPB/APAO blends.
Each APAO grade was selected according to the comonomer type and content and molecular weight.
This year, we produced an APAO lapel pin with our logo on it that members can wear to meetings with legislators or to association or corporate events.
GVK and GMR group-run airports (Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Hyderabad) and Kochi are included in APAO.
The Jose Rizal International Medal was established by APAO, a federation of 19 national ophthalmic societies in the Asia-Pacific region, to recognize outstanding international ophthalmologists who have helped to significantly further the interests of the profession.
Sales volumes for polypropylene, styrene and APAO were lower in the first quarter of 1996 than in the first quarter of 1995.
Fourth quarter operating income increased primarily due to increased selling prices and volumes for polyethylene, polypropylene and styrene and continued volume growth for CT Film and APAO.
2008 Period-Over-Period Average Sales Average Sales (Decrease) Increase Selling Price Volume Selling Price Volume Polyurethanes (a) (4)% 10% (22)% (5)% Advanced Materials (b) (1)% (4)% (9)% (20)% Textile Effects (a) 2% 9% (5)% (20)% Performance Products (a) (19)% 15% (21)% (3)% Pigments (a) 0% 36% (5)% (6)% Total Company (a)(b)(c) (8)% 13% (19)% (6)% (a) Excludes revenues and sales volumes from tolling arrangements and bi-products (b) Excludes APAO business sold July 31, 2009 (c) Excludes Australian styrenics operations which were closed January 2010
Rexene also manufactures polyethylene resin, and the two specialty polymers APAO and FPO.
Rexene manufactures several key products for the chemical and plastics industry, including ethylene, propylene, styrene monomer, specialty polyethylene, polypropylene, APAO and FPO polymers, and thermoplastic films.