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APAPAsian Pacific Americans for Progress (Los Angeles, CA)
APAPAssociation of Physician Assistant Programs
APAPAction Professionals' Association for the People
APAPAssociaçao Portuguesa dos Arquitectos Paisagistas (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects)
APAPAssociação Portuguesa das Empresas de Publicidade e Comunicação (Portugal)
APAPAsian Pacific-American Program
APAPAssociation of Polish American Professionals
APAPN-Acetyl-Para-Amino-Phenol (acetaminophen)
APAPAfrica Policy Advisory Panel
APAPApproach Path Alignment Panels (aviation runway)
APAPAir Pollution Abatement Program
APAPArmy Privacy Act Program
APAPAssociation of Performing Arts Presenters
APAPAssociation for Professional Ambulance Personnel (UK)
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However, when APAP was taken-in an overdose, the rate of formation of NAPQI was greatly increased and hepatic glutathione level was decreased which lead to liver dysfunction (Mitchell et al.
Group 6 (CM+APAP) (G6): Mice were treated with Camel milk (CM) (33 ml/kg) once daily by orogastric tube for 28 days followed by APAP (500 mg/kg) at single dose orally on 28th day.
Because the hepatotoxicity of APAP is primarily due to oxidative stress and the Nrf2 pathway plays an important role in protecting against oxidative stress, small molecules that could activate Nrf2 might be beneficial in protecting against APAP-induced liver injury.
The first studies were aimed at determining whether APAP induced oxidative stress in respiratory tissues.
Group C: N-acetylcysteine (NAC) 600 mg/kg BW + APAP 2.
Research has demonstrated that a range of organic compounds with antioxidant properties contribute to the protection of cells and tissues against deleterious effects of APAP and its reactive metabolites6.
Thus, the observed hepatotoxicity effects of APAP in rats were similar to the previously reported works [4, 6, 24].
The control group received distilled water; the APAP-alone group received 750 mg/kg of APAP; the BC-alone group received 10 mg/kg of BC; the APAP-plus-BC group received 750 mg/kg of APAP-plus 10 mg/kg of BC, in which the animals were treated orally with APAP before oral administration of BC.
First, the machines use different technologies and algorithms to treat events, so data from one APAP study is specific to the device used in that trial, and cannot be generalized to other machines.
APAP devices can automatically detect changes in surrogates of upper airway collapse and adjust the pressure delivered accordingly, allowing delivery of an optimal pressure throughout the night.
As APAP is a national org, most of these shows don't get picked up in New York, but some of the bigger names have transferred: Tarell Alvin McCraney's "The Brothers Size" was the big hit from the 2007 fest.
All APAP devices are different, each of them relying on different algorithms.