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APASSAsian Pacific American Student Services
APASSAntiphospholipid Antibodies in Stroke Study
APASSArkansas Part A Standard System (Medicare)
APASSAnglo-Polish Academic Services
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The use of numerous color filters will make it easier for astronomers to combine APASS data with their own observations of a star.
Since the APASS study included a large number of older, low-titer patients, it seems premature to abandon treatment of APS patients with stroke (or other arterial thrombosis) with high intensity warfarin.
Uncommon abbreviations: AF = actor focus, APASS = antipassive, EV = evidential, INV = inverse, NS = nonsubject, OBV = obviative, P = passive-like verbal form in Sinhala, PC = past conjunct, PD = past disjunct, PF = patient-focus, PP = present/past tense, pt = potent case inflection, TOP- topic, SMP = subject-marking noun particle, SPON = spontaneous.