APATPAcquired Pure Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
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Yesterday evening after the market close Phosagro (PHOR RX, PHOR LI) announced the terms of a mandatory offer for Apatit (APAT RU, APATP RU) shareholders.
Production at the key subsidiary, Apatit (APAT RU, APATP RU), advanced by 2%, sales volumes gained 6.
PhosAgro (PHOR RX, PHOR LI) said in its statement that it won tender for the government stake in Apatit (APAT RU, APATP RU) held yesterday.
Today the 2-round tender was held to sell 20% (of share capital) government stake in Apatit (APAT RU, APATP RU).