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For information on the APBC (Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors) and its members please go to APBC.
Once you have a degree or postgraduate qualification, you will need to complete a set number of years in professional practice (preferably under supervision) before you can become a certificated ASAB animal behaviourist or a member of the APBC.
The IP Communications system will provide services for more than 3,000 building staff and tenants in the APBC office complex at No.
APBC is one of Australia's leading commercial office development companies, providing leasing and a range of value-add services to tenants across five sites in Melbourne.
1 Queens Rd, APBC selected Cisco's IP Communications System, based on Cisco's Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (AVVID), to consolidate the APBC building's entire communications infrastructure onto one, IP-based network.
It will also remove the need for inefficient, traditional PABX technology and will allow APBC to offer its tenants and staff access to building services through the LCD display interface of the Cisco 7940 IP phone.