APBFAssociation des Parcs Botaniques de France (French: Botanical Parks Association of France)
APBFAdvanced Petroleum-Based Fuels
APBFAccessory Pulmonary Blood Flow (cardiology)
APBFAdditional Pulmonary Blood Flow
APBFAfrican Public Broadcasting Foundation
APBFAnterograde Pulmonary Blood Flow (physiology)
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APBF will extend all its positive and progressive support to the regional and international business communities indiscriminately, he said.
The APBF President said that the fast rising up graph of inflation and law and order situation in parts of the country had already put the industrial sector in deep troubles therefore the government would have to come up with out-of-the-box solution to expedite economic activities in the country.
While talking on the occasion, Kamran Khan, President of APBF UK Chapter claimed that overseas Pakistanis bring $14 billion through bank transactions and 28 billion through Hawala (money transferred through a network of brokers) every year.
Speaking on the occasion, President APBF Ibrahim Qureshi said strenuous steps are being taken to bring business leaders, chambers and associations on a united platform to endeavor for a strong and prosperous Pakistan.
He said APBF has made numerous valuable contributions towards the progress and growth of the national economy.
Economic managers need to handle the markets, as the market is lacking direction and suffering from a negative perception of high value of greenback," APBF Chairman Nabeel Hashmi observed.
The executive committee of APBF which met here on Monday with suggested the concerned government departments to join heads with the private sector for finding out a methodology for increasing the exports of the country, which is prerequisite for economic growth.
He acknowledged APBFs role for bettering economy and doing social work to improve the lot of the poor.