APBIAccelerated Partial Breast Irradiation
APBIAsosiasi Pertambangan Batubara Indonesia (Indonesian Coal Mining Association)
APBIApplied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (journal)
APBIAlliance Pet Business International
APBIAdvanced Planning Briefings for Industry
APBIAdvanced Planning for Business and Industry
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Previous presentations and publications of this retrospective study data also suggest that many women, including those younger than 50 years of age and those with DCIS, could be appropriate candidates for APBI brachytherapy.
We believe our technology provides unique capabilities for APBI therapy and that we can become a market leader.
These data suggest that although tumor control in the breast appears to be similar for APBI and WBI, disease control at the initial tumor site may be better with APBI.
GEC-ESTRO is the most comprehensive clinical study to date evaluating the efficacy of APBI brachytherapy alone versus traditional external whole breast irradiation," said Prof.
In the 12-sitedata reported by Strasser, researchers found that rates of seroma, fat necrosis and telangiectasia - potential side effects of any form of APBI - were low among patients at one year and two years after SAVI therapy.
In addition to establishing that APBI brachytherapy provides equivalent clinical results to whole breast irradiation, these milestone findings are the first to offer the level one clinical evidence necessary to fundamentally alter the treatment paradigm for women aged 40 years and above with early stage breast cancer.
The country has 13 producers of tires grouped in APBI with a total production capacity of 50 million units of four wheeler tires and 28 million units of two wheeler tires in 2010.
Top Experts Say APBI Radiation Treatment Is Safe and Effective
September 7-9 Joint Program Executive Office Chemical and Biological Defense APBI Baltimore, MD
a pioneer in APBI and medical director at Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists.
Current American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) guidelines place these patients in the "unsuitable" category for APBI.
APBI estimated that only around 20%- 25% or 80 million tons of the country's coal production are for domestic consumption.