APBRAmerican Pit Bull Registry
APBRAssociation for Professional Basketball Research
APBRAsia Pacific Business Review
APBRAirline Passenger Bill of Rights
APBRAll Pro Bull Riders Association
APBRAvon Park Bombing Range (Florida)
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Acting independently from APBR proponents, the DOT also recognized the problems of delayed flights and sought the advice of industry insiders and the traveling public.
Congressional leaders pushing for the APBR argue that a statute would provide passengers with more permanent protections from the powerful airline industry.
Supporters of the APBR recognize the achievement of the DOT regulation, but also believe that a more permanent statute is necessary.
The DOT regulation and proposed APBR have limited goals of addressing the effects of delays but may actually cause additional problems.
169) The proposed APBR similarly offers more robust, albeit less specific, statutory protection in an area where previous legislation has failed.