APCDAssociate Peace Corps Director
APCDAir Pollution Control District
APCDAsia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (Thailand)
APCDAssociação Paulista de Cirurgiões Dentistas (São Paulo, Brazil)
APCDAssociation of Philippine Coconut Desiccators
APCDAir Pollution Control Device
APCDAssistant Peace Corps Director (less common)
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Mutual Insurance that ERISA preempts state APCD reporting laws with
Application to the APCD Administrator to Approve the Release and Use of Colorado All Payer Claims Data.
The purpose of the APCD is to provide comparative data on the cost and quality of health care service to providers, health plans, employers, policy makers and over time show patterns and trends in our health care.
Mili Bermejo De Tierra--Of Earth (Ediciones Pentagrama APCD 599)
46) Juan Reynoso, "India", Musica tradicional de la Region de Tierra Caliente, Mexico, Ediciones Pentagrama, 2000, APCD 406.
stated that 1600 pouring and cooling lines have been identified, and less than 15% are controlled by an APCD.
In response to this dilemma, the College Board recently produced a series of CD-ROMs that marry their expertise in educational content development with multimedia software design and the Internet -- the APCD.
The APCD allowed the company to use chlorinated solvent-based finishes, but the US.
The APCD - IEA Blue Sky Leadership Award recognizes the most significant environmental accomplishments of local businesses in a challenging regulatory environment.
In most states, the most important building block for information transparency efforts involves the sophistication and capabilities of the state's APCD.