APCDAssociate Peace Corps Director
APCDAir Pollution Control District
APCDAsia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (Thailand)
APCDAssociação Paulista de Cirurgiões Dentistas (São Paulo, Brazil)
APCDAssociation of Philippine Coconut Desiccators
APCDAir Pollution Control Device
APCDAssistant Peace Corps Director (less common)
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However, this CO APCD analysis shows that patients and the health system in general could save a lot of money while still receiving the care they need.
Gross Yields and Net Yields were calculated as follows (in thousands, except APCD and Yields):
The purpose of the APCD is to provide comparative data on the cost and quality of health care service to providers, health plans, employers, policy makers and over time show patterns and trends in our health care.
Available Passenger Cruise Days ("APCD") APCD is our measurement of capacity and represents double occupancy per cabin multiplied by the number of cruise days for the period.
All three discussed a certificate program used by the Air Pollution Control District to accredit and stimulate financial rewards for farmers who do not burn (Imperial County APCD 2010).
Farid A Khwaja while talking to the representatives of JICA and APCD appreciated the efforts of all the partners in this noble cause.
People should use good common sense,'' said Keith Duval, compliance manager for Ventura County APCD.
APCD Legislation: Review of Current Practices and Critical Elements.
and has supported TDEC APCD filter weighing needs since 2002.