APCEAgence pour la Creation d'Entreprise (French)
APCEAssociation of Presbyterian Church Educators
APCEAssociation pour le Couple et l'Enfant (French: Association for the Couple and Child)
APCEAir Pollution Control Equipment
APCEAffinity Probe Capillary Electrophoresis
APCEAsociación Permanente de Cultura Ecologica (Permanent Association of Ecological Culture, Guatemala)
APCEAssemblée Parlamentaire du Conseil de l'Europe (French)
APCEAssociazione per la Protezione delle Corrosioni Elettrolitiche (Italian)
APCEAutomated Product Control Environment
APCEAssociation of Private Christian Educators
APCEAutomated Program Control Environment
APCEAsk, Pause, Call, Evaluate (student questioning method; US Army)
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APCE Film 16/208, Comite Central del Partido Socialista Unificada de Cataluna n.
En la toma de protesta de APCE estuvieron presentes las Presidentas Estatales de los DIF de Chiapas, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Hidalgo; Oaxaca, Queretaro, Sinaloa, Tabasco, Tamaulipas y los directores de los DIF Estatales de Coahuila y el Estado de Mexico.
In other words, CE itself could be used as a separation technique during the SELEX process to isolate aptamers aimed at APCE applications.
The APCE market is highly dependent on the higher uptake of FGD and SCR equipment in power plants and steel industries, which accounted for 54.
Nevertheless, every year the APCE Governing Cabinet chooses one standout to be Educator of the Year, and this year that recognition fell to Debra (Debbie) Hough of Derry Presbyterian Church in Hershey, Pa.
Source : APCE (Agence Pour la Creation d'Entreprise--French Agency for the Creation of Enterprise).
Operating temperatures with APCE heat the tissue to 110[degrees]C rather than the previous 220[degrees]C using the conventional electrosurgery.
In 2002, Norma was honoured by APCE as recipient of the Life Achievement Award.
Moreover, according to a study of the APCE (2006), 40% of the company founders have a level of higher education and 80% of the accompanied entrepreneurs have a level of higher education.
The APCE describes itself as "a professional organization concerned with the advancement of education in the church, committed to the ongoing witness of our faith in the gospel.
Increasing awareness of environment protection issues and the detrimental effects of air pollution are also fuelling the APCE market.