APCFAsian Pacific Community Fund
APCFAsia Pacific Carbon Fund (Asian Development Bank)
APCFAdvanced Protein Crystallisation Facility
APCFAsia Pacific Cities Forum (Los Angeles, CA)
APCFAnti-Parliamentary Communist Federation (UK)
APCFAustralian Proteomics Computational Facility
APCFAir Pollution Control Fund (California)
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ARB said CSK paid $100,000 to the California Air Pollution Control Fund (APCF), while American Power Products will pay four quarterly installments of $25,000 to the APCF beginning in August of this year.
ARB noted that the California Auto Dealers Exchange paid $62,416 to APCF for selling off-road vehicles with non-certified engines at dealer-only auto auctions throughout California in 2004, while Homelite paid $500,000 for a group of new engines at its certification emissions test facilities in South Carolina that did not comply with ARB requirements.
The Credit Marketing Facility provides marketing support services to project sponsors in obtaining optimal prices and sale terms for certified emission reductions (CERs) not purchased by APCF in the open market.