APCMAssemblée Permanente des Chambres de Métiers (France)
APCMAssociation des Professionnels de la Communication et du Marketing (French: Association of Professionals in Communication and Marketing; Canada)
APCMAnalog Pcm
APCMAdaptive Pcm
APCMAnnual Parochial Church Meeting
APCMAsia Pacific Christian Mission (Australia)
APCMAsiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal
APCMAdaptive Pulse Code Modulation
APCMAdaptive Probabilistic Concept Modeling
APCMAerial Photography Contract Management System
APCMAnalog PCM Modem
APCMAssociated Portland Cement Manufacturers, Ltd
APCMAssociation pour la Promotion de la Country Music (French: Association for the Advancement of Country Music)
APCMAutomatic Personnel Contamination Monitor
APCMAssociation of Plastic Cable Makers (UK)
APCMAdvanced Professional Certificate in Management Studies (UK)
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These missionaries have also periodically provided educational services, particularly English language and biblical studies, not unlike those offered by the UFM and APCM in the colonial period (see Dundon 2010:176).
Given the high diversity in the scores on partner abuse, that the majority of women experienced only psychological abuse, and that some advised only occasionally experiencing harmful behaviors by their partners, it was decided to establish categories of abuse based on the scores in the APCM.
Paraffin-based phase change materials were the largest product segment in 2011, accounting for over 50% of the global APCM revenue.
Under Lofficier's leadership, the new firm was able to hold its own in a sluggish market and against the fierce competition put in its way by APCM.
El segundo, es identificar las interacciones entre estos APC, en particular los efectos de los APCU y APCR sobre los APCM, a la luz de la implementacion de los llamados (por Summers 1991) procesos ismos, que han tenido lugar desde finales de la decada de 1970 (Baldwin y Martin 1999).
Al superponer las APCM para especies no voladoras y los nodos panbiogeograficos, se hallaron 10 nodos coincidentes y cuatro aledanos a estas areas.
acquired APCM of Mississauga, ONT for an undisclosed amount in December 1999.
8221; In response to these inconsistencies, APCM has added to their technology arsenal to address these differences.
Vergleich der drei deutschen evangelischen Missionsbewegungen EMW, AEM und APCM, Evangelikale Missiologie 22 (4) 2006, 110-121.
APCM enables employees on a corporate intranet to process relevant, unstructured information such as email, web pages and news articles, and to categorize it using natural language search and insert hypertext links.
Smith was elected to CAI's APCM Board in 2011 and was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for CAI's Southern Colorado Chapter.