APCOAAirport Parking Company of America (Tucson, AZ)
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The deal, which his now up and running, is the latest win for APCOA in the Midlands, and comes hot on the heels of a recent contract win with NHS Walsall.
He appealed both decisions, but they were rejected, as APCOA claimed the permit had been sent to him.
APCOA Parking did not respond to a request for comment.
The APCOA spokesman added: "The car in question has been in situ for a couple of years.
An APCOA spokesman said: "The car in question has been in situ for a couple of years.
APCOA has operated a vehicle clamping service for the city authority since 2003 and said that 12 people would be made redundant as a direct consequence of the end to clamping.
Skyparking is a sales brand of APCOA and EUROPARK, two European parking operators.
APCOA tells trainees NOT to issue tickets to British Telecom or British Gas but some wardens ignore that.
Thom, of Gilmerton Dykes Drive, Edinburgh, was secretly followed by his supervisor after APCOA received dozens of reports of meters jammed with lolly sticks on Thom's beat around Dundas Street.
A spokesman for APCOA which manages the PS13-aday car park, said: "We did not move the car initially because the city council has previously taken responsibility for removing vehicles and, unsurprisingly, we believed this was still the case.
As a result of our partnership with parking management company APCOA we have seen a reduction in crime at our car parks and the Park Mark should provide greater assurance for passengers".
The team, provided by APCOA Services Group, is patrolling the area, to ensure a safe and pleasant environment both day and night and provide reassurance to residents and visitors while supporting the work of the police and other security initiatives already in place.