APCONAdvertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria
APCONAmerican Power Conversion, Inc
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With APCON's network visibility products, customers can seamlessly monitor both their virtual and physical networks, increase security and lower their budget through a unified monitoring architecture," said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON.
By combining access to all network traffic visibility into a single product line, APCON s solution will mitigate the risks and challenges faced by customers in today s convergence of physical, virtual and SDN-driven networks.
Our products are designed specifically for the monitoring challenges faced in today's complex enterprise networks," said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON.
Consisting of a set of C++ classes and data types that enable applications to access, manage and manipulate APCON physical layer switch technology, API is ideal for automating switching procedures in test labs and security environments.
Ixia's partnership with APCON provides the industry with more complete lab automation and enables customers to address unique automation challenges that have largely remained unaddressed so far.
Software Defined Networking is clearly the next generation of data center management, and APCON has a solid foundation in the principles and technical requirements that define the concept.
Vitesse has clearly understood our needs by enabling us to satisfy our customers without having to delay deployment with a time-consuming and costly redesign," said Richard Rauch, president and CEO of APCON, Inc.
In addition, our programmable architecture allows APCON to be more responsive to future customer requirements," says Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON.
With more than 10 years of experience in providing quality switching and bus extension technologies, APCON has successfully implemented switching solutions at more than a thousand organizations worldwide.
Under the agreement, Lumenare and APCON will jointly market their products to Storage Area Network (SAN), Telecom, and enterprise software testing laboratories.
APCONTAP is the next step in APCON's plan to deliver a complete family of industry-leading products," said Richard Rauch, President and CEO of APCON.
com Product Description: APCON is introducing a new line of telecom/datacom-specific physical layer switches.