APCRActivated Protein C Resistance
APCRArmor Piercing Composite Rigid
APCRAssociation pour la Catéchèse en Rural (French: Association for Rural Catechism)
APCRAnalysis, Prompting, Checking, and Reporting
APCRActivate PDP (Packet Data Protocol) Context Request
APCRAssociation Pêche Côtière du Roussillon (French: Coastal Fisheries Association of Roussillon; Roussillon, France)
APCRAnchored Polymerase Chain Reaction (genetics)
APCRAssociation de la Presse Catholique Régionale (French: Regional Catholic Press Association)
APCRAsymmetric Polymerase Chain Reaction (hematology)
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Patients with the aforementioned conditions are frequently screened for the presence of APCR, prothrombin gene mutation, antiphospholipid antibodies, hyperhomocysteinemia, and protein C and S, and antithrombin deficiency; however, SPS is not routinely included in screening for thrombophilia.
I am honored by this recognition from the APCR, the leading professional organization dedicated to supporting and addressing the unique issues and challenges of physicians in clinical research," said Dr.
The APCR Special Recognition Award is presented annually to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional performance, achievement and sustained service toward the goals of the APCR, and has made significant contributions to the betterment of the APCR overall.
Using photo-optical detection with a 405 nm halogen light source, the compact, benchtop analyzer performs many tests, including: PT, aPTT, TT, FIB (fibrinogen), factor assays, INR, ATIII, plasminogen, [alpha]-2 antiplasmin, heparin anti-Xa, protein C, APCR (activated protein C resistance), lupus screen and confirmatory, PNP, P+P, and mixing studies, as well as user-programmable tests such as clottable protein C and S.
A standard 405 nm light filter permits various coagulation and fibrinolysis tests such as PT, aPIT, TT, FIB, heparm, protein C and S, ATIII, venom time, APCR, and factor assays.
7) A year later, the underlying defect leading to the phenotypic manifestation of APCR was described as a mutation in the coagulation factor V gene.
In this assay system, however, high factor VIII activity, lupus anticoagulant, or factor deficiencies (such as induced by warfarin) can produce an abnormally low APCR ratio in addition to Factor V Leiden.