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APCSAdvanced Placement Computer Science
APCSAir Pollution Control System
APCSAcademics Plus Charter School (Maumelle, AR)
APCSAutomated Project Control System (NASA)
APCSAssociation pour la Promotion des Carrières Sanitaires (French: Association for the Promotion of Sanitation Careers)
APCSArgonne Premium Coal Sample
APCSAssociation des Propriétaires de Challenger Scout (French boating association)
APCSAssembly for the Promotion of Civil Society (Cuba)
APCSAeronautical Production Control System
APCSApproach Power Control Set
APCSAdvanced Passenger Control System (biometrics, airports, transportation)
APCSAssociaçao Portuguesa dos Chartered Surveyors (Portuguese: Portuguese Association of Chartered Surveyors)
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We see the new arrangement as allowing for the growth of APCS, as Bangkok has a strong international market and Kuala Lumpur is in the heart of Asia," Mr.
For Castro, even more important than dividing his foes is attempting to prove how close the APCS project is to U.
Tisserat's APCS uses an automated pump to microirrigate the shoots with liquid medium piped in from a separate tank.