APCSSAsia Pacific Center for Security Studies (Honolulu, Hawaii)
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This type of policy change gives greater thrust to information-sharing and educational technology innovations already under way that will more effectively network alumni and other collaborative partners with APCSS and each other, providing greater capacity for strategic communication, predictive analysis, and crisis response.
A continuing cycle of assessment, adaptive planning, and execution ensures that APCSS satisfies DOD and USPACOM policy directives.
At the combatant command level, APCSS programs also complement and support USPACOM's effort to execute its regional strategy.
Because APCSS programs continue to contribute positively to all the above policy objectives, both directly and indirectly, OSD and USPACOM recognize and use APCSS as a unique enabler in the broader effort to execute DOD's security strategy in the region.
As the cornerstone of the APCSS program suite, executive education arguably has had the greatest impact on building collaborative security capacity.
Attracting the right people to its courses continues to be a top priority for APCSS.
APCSS designs courses that allow maximum interaction between the fellows and faculty.
Built on the success of in-residence education, APCSS outreach events are most often hands-on workshops intent on building practical capacity to address key security issues.
In Cambodia, APCSS conducted an outreach event in February and March 2007 entitled "Managing Porous Borders in Southeast Asia.
In Nepal, the success of the APCSS initial outreach event--which facilitated a joint government, military, police, major political party security-sector reform analysis conducted in September 2006--resulted in a followup requirement generated by the U.
In the wake of recent successful outreach events in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Japan, Nepal, and Pakistan, APCSS continues to receive requests for additional support from various U.
First, during in-resident courses, APCSS invites fellows to join a community of interest supported by the Asia-Pacific Collaborative Security Consortium (APCSC), a virtual network of five Hawaii-based, DOD-funded organizations (APCSS included) with a common interest in sharing enabling information to enhance regional security and stability.