APCVDAtmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
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In summary, our studies have elucidated several important features of APCVD deposition of tin oxide on glass.
CVD Equipment Corporation (CVD) (NASDAQ: CVV), announced today that an article about the Company was published in the November issue of Photovoltaics World magazine titled "Off-line APCVD offers paradigm shift for TCO glass end users.
Low Operating Costs Through Best Possible Technology Solutions Highlights of the production line are, for example, the Al2O3 rear side passivation using proven APCVD technology, for which the operating costs are unbeatably low of under 2$c per wafer thanks to the extremely high TMA conversion efficiency.
CVD Equipment Corp (NASDAQ: CVV) designs, develops and manufactures customized equipment and process solutions for research and production applications including MOCVD (B:ZnO) and APCVD (F:SnO2) TCO glass coating systems for solar & Low-E applications, Sulfurization/Selenization, POCl3 and Rapid Thermal Processing, Silicon precursor Q/C and other industrial coatings.
CVD Equipment provides offline and online CVDgCoat(TM) APCVD for fluorine doped SnO2 (SnO2:F) coating and offline LPCVD for ZnO coating.
The Thermal Products Division provides spare parts, upgrades, and new or remanufactured systems to existing customers of Watkins Johnson, SVG, and Aviza furnaces and APCVD systems, used primarily in the semiconductor industry.
The new orders included etch, CVD, and PVD single wafer tools for a variety of customers in the MEMS, TSV, and compound semiconductor industries booked by the Newport Wales based UK Division, as well as furnaces, upgrades, and an APCVD system booked by the newly formed Thermal Products Division.