APDESArmy Physical Disability Evaluation System
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Fort Knox applied for and was granted an APDES permit to discharge non-contact, non-process groundwater to the Old Fish Creek Channel in 2012, but discharge of groundwater (not requiring treatment) only began in March 2015.
At Usibelli operations, water is directed into a series of settling ponds, wherein the water is brought into compliance with Usibelli's APDES permit.
As delineated by Army Regulation 635-40, the objectives of the APDES are to maintain an effective and fit military organization with maximum use of available manpower; provide benefits for eligible Soldiers whose military service is terminated because of service connected disability; and provide prompt disability processing while ensuring that the rights and interests of the government and the Soldier are protected.
Written comments or requests for a public hearing on the APDES draft general permit must be submitted within 30 days of the issuance of this public notice.