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APDEXApplication Performance Index
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Apdex scores are compiled from data collected over time and converted into a simple index, based on application responsiveness.
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An Apdex score is something that senior management can easily understand and use to manage IT across multiple applications.
Adding Apdex scores to Applications Manager makes it easy for lines of business to see how their applications are performing and ensure those applications are meeting service goals," said Gibu Mathew, director of product management at ManageEngine.
Select the industry-relevant index from a drop-down pick-list and your dynamic Apdex index is instantly activated.
Results were summarized using an estimated MOS score for VoIP and the Apdex performance metric for all other applications.
Using the combined WildPackets and Splunk solution, network engineers can capture and analyze network traffic with OmniPeek analyzers and OmniEngines; generate notifications for all key network events, including security threats, VoIP errors, low Apdex scores and user-configurable alarms; accelerate troubleshooting by collecting and comparing notifications from multiple sources; monitor, manage and troubleshoot distributed networks of any size.
Apdex provides a single metric designed to accurately reflect the experience of application end users.
Application analysis and Apdex scoring that reflects end user satisfaction with applications
WildPackets is leading the way with these advanced network analysis solutions, being the first to support industry-standard Apdex scores that tie user satisfaction to measured network performance, relating network analytics to true business objectives for the first time.
Created by the Apdex Alliance (a program of the IEEE-ISTO), the new index is the first to represent the quality of experience (QoE) of end-users interacting with applications
In a move to advance the adoption of a standardized performance reporting methodology for enterprise applications, the Application Performance Index (Apdex) Alliance and the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO) today announced that the Apdex Alliance is now a program of the IEEE-ISTO.