APDHBAsamblea Permanente de los Derechos Humanos de Bolivia (Spanish: Permanent Assembly for Human Rights in Bolivia)
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Sacha Llorenti, representing the APDHB, demanded that authorities halt the crackdown on the protesting organizations and said a petition would be sent to the Public Ministry seeking the arrest and investigation of the police and soldiers who fired their guns against the demonstrators.
The government decision to send out the army brought a sharp reaction from the leaders of the APDHB and the Confederacion de Trabajadores de la Prensa de Bolivia (CTPB), who had been offering to mediate talks to resolve the crisis.
APDHB president Waldo Albarracin said that, instead of sending positive signals to get a negotiation underway, the authorities opted for the "opposite path" and stepped up the repression, increasing the number of victims and creating a climate of terror in El Alto.