APDIAssociation of Private Detectives of India
APDIAssociation of Professional Dancers in Ireland
APDIApplication Programming and Development, Inc. (est. 1990; Waldorf, MD)
APDIAsian and Pacific Development Institute (UN; now Asian and Pacific Development Centre)
APDIAnisotropic Point-Dipole Interaction
APDIAverage Post Detection Integration
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The role of APDI is essential to strengthen the dynamics of diversified agricultural production profitable, but concerned about the protection of natural resources and can support the equitable development of basic socio offers.
The APDI was determined in parallel in two 96-wells flat-bottomed microtitre plates with the CLSI M27-A3 methodology (CLSI, 2008).
Para determinar la relacion entre la dimension vertical dentoalveolar posterior y la clasificacion esqueletica, se hizo un analisis de correlacion multiple de Pearson entre las alturas dentoalveolares y el APDI, antes (T1) y despues (T2) del tratamiento de ortodoncia.
Las diferentes clases esqueletales, Clase I, II y III, basadas en el APDI, muestran cambios verticales en el PO(P) en los primeros molares superiores e inferiores.
I wish the organizers great success," said Mahesh Chandra Sharma, Secretary General, CAPSI& APDI.
In Akinboye's APDI self-concept scale, a nine-point scale ranging from "least like me" to "most like me" was used to rate each item, while the present instrument used a 5-point Likert scale ranging from "completely true of me" to "completely untrue of me".
APDI rounding member John Scott started his Irish Modern Dance Theatre in 1991, while David Bolger founded CoisCeim Dance Theatre ("coisceim" is Irish for "footstep") in 1995.
I've been an APDI board member since 1999 and continue to be one of the investors in the company," he said.
NL/NL received calls from a number of publishers using Largo who were disturbed by the action taken by APDI, one of the industry's leaders in internet services for publishers.
and leading publishing-industry application service provider APDI, Camp Springs, Maryland.
APDI), which as been running online systems for seven years, has created Largo(r), a new fulfillment service which gives newsletter publishers and other information providers what APDI president Mark Burnett calls "the opportunity to substantially reduce printing and mailing costs by fulfilling subscriptions over the web.