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APDLAdministração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões (Portugal: Authority of the Ports of the Douro River and Leixões)
APDLANSYS Parametric Design Language (ANSYS, Inc.)
APDLAdvanced Placement Digital Library (Rice University; Texas)
APDLAlgorithmic Processor Description Language (programming language)
APDLArchimedes Public Domain Library
APDLAutomatic Porn DownLoader (program)
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The meshes were used in ANSYS Mechanical APDL software to carry out micromotion and shear stress simulations under typical loading conditions such as walking and stair climbing.
It is used with AVEVA Hull Structural Design and exports idealised meshes either in ANSYS(R) APDL format, or in neutral XML format for other third-party FEA programs.
With APDL one can automate the calculation process, changing variables without intervention in the sequence of calculation.
Those clients who need the full functionality of Largo are staying aboard, and APDL expects to continue to serve them.