APDMAll Parties Democratic Movement (Pakistani Political Alliance)
APDMArcGIS Pipeline Data Model
APDMAdministratia Porturilor Dunarii Maritime (Romanian: Maritime Danube Ports Administration; Romania)
APDMAustralian Patriots Defence Movement (political group)
APDMAmended Program Decision Memorandum
APDMAir Pollution Dispersion Model
APDMAmbulatory Parkinson's Disease Monitoring (Portland, OR; est. 2007)
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Achakzai, who is the convener of the APDM, said the coalition government had deviated from its commitment to restore the judges who were sacked by Musharraf when he imposed emergency rule in November last year as then army chief.
Comparison of the APDM method and the ICP/MS method was performed using a total of 61 urine samples from Mongolia and Pakistan with iodine concentrations of 0.
and previous experience working with or assisting other contracting authorities in APDM.
All of the data (centerline data and land base data) are integrated to form a geospatial data base that follows APDM rules.
Several major political parties united in the APDM on Thursday reiterated its decision in principle to boycott the Jan.
He said that PML-N cheated with the parties of APDM not to contest election in 2008, but PML-N leadership backed from its words and cheated with PTI, JI and Achakzai.
The APDM was specifically designed for implementation as an ESRI geodatabase, fully leveraging ESRI spatial data-management functionality.
Along with the opposition legislators, members of the four provincial assemblies who belong to APDM are also to submit their resignations.
Be data model independent - the application supports PODS, APDM and client-specific data models,
He further said that Mian Nawaz Sharif has deceived the opposition parties in name of IJI and APDM this is the reason that Jamat Islami, Tehreek-e-Insaaf and nationalists parties of Sindh and Balochistan have refused to form an alliance with Nawaz Sharif.
Most operators now choosing a data model select either the PODS or the APDM, which this article will focus on.
The APDM holds at least 83 seats in the National Assembly and the Mutteheda Majlis-e-Amal, a political party in the alliance, has a majority in the NWFP assembly.