APDPAssociation of Parents of Disappeared Persons (Kashmir)
APDPAcquisition Professional Development Program
APDPAssociação Protectora dos Diabéticos de Portugal
APDPAsia Pacific Democracy Partnership
APDPAlarm and Power Distribution Panel
APDPAnnual Performance Driven Pay
APDPAverage Power Delay Profile
APDPAnti-Parallel Diode Pair
APDPAdministrative Policy Directives and Procedures
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The APDP appealed to the international community and world human rights watchdogs to impress upon India to end the phenomenon of enforced disappearances in the occupied territory.
The APDP aims to enable registered light motor vehicle makers and component manufacturers to significantly grow production volumes.
where APDP indicates % available P in the diet containing P source, APCD is % available P in control diet, TPDP shows % total P in the diet containing P source, and TPCD is % total P in control diet.
APDP functions as a voluntary group spearheading a campaign for the whereabouts of men subjected to enforced disappearance in Jammu & Kashmir.
AaAaAa On the same occasion, the two Spanish associations were given a book issued by the APDP on the separatists' crimes and the activities of the association at the international level to denounce the Polisario's rights breaches.
Naacam executive director Roger Pitot says the pressure is on OEMs from government through the APDP to support component manufacturing in South Africa.
The unique property of an APDP is that its polynomial only has odd-order terms.
She is APDP Certified Level III in contracting and Level II in program management, and holds the Certified Cost Analyst certifications.
In connection with International Human Rights Day, APDP in a statement reiterated its demand to know the whereabouts of 8000 people who have been subjected to enforced disappearances in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK).
Through the 2035 SA Automotive Masterplan (SAAM) process, we are seeking to arrest some of the APDP drawbacks whilst also ensuring that the long trajectory of industry growth is ensured.
He holds DoDFM Level III, APDP Level III in Business - Financial Management, and CDFM certifications as well as a BS in Business and a Masters in Business Administration.
6) For a brief history of the personal tragedy that led Parveena Ahangar to form APDP see 'Negotiating the boundaries of gender, community and nationhood: a case study of Kashmir' by Nyla Ali Khan in Pakistan Journal of Women's Studies: Alam-e-Niswan, vol.