APDSArmor-Piercing Discarding Sabot
APDSAutonomous Pathogen Detection System
APDSSan Marino Popular Alliance of Democrats
APDSAndrogynous Peripheral Docking System
APDSAutomated Procurement Documentation System
APDSAuxiliary Power Distribution System
APDSAfricentric Personal Development Shop, Inc. (Columbus OH)
APDSAsia-Pacific Defence & Security Exhibition (also seen as APDSE)
APDSAutomated Personnel Data System
APDSAuthentication Protocol Domain Support
APDSAdvanced Professional Development Series (FEMA)
APDSAsia-Pacific Development Society
APDSAirman Professional Development Seminar
APDSAvaya Professional Design Specialist (certification)
APDSAlternating Pixel-Decimation Search (algorithm)
APDSAll Phones Data Suite (software)
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Converting motors from DC to AC is a painless process," explained Alan Jones from APDS.
APDS measured the power consumption of the pumps over 24 hours and analysis showed that using a variable speed drive to achieve a speed reduction of only 6% would reduce energy consumption, and therefore, operational costs by some 17%.
Alan Jones of APDS says: "The drives have been running for eight months now and Ginsters are set to achieve a one year payback on the application.
NGS's "Dual Bioagent Autonomous Networked Detectors (D-BAND)" program combines APDS technology with PCR for rapid, multiplexed microfluidic analysis.
According to Azure, the parallel hybrid drive and APDS systems will be delivered in mid-2005.
The lack of communication was attributed to the absence of a link between the HE Humvee's power train and APDS.
A second-generation APDS now being tested at Aberdeen does have a communication link so that the vehicle can better respond to the power demands of APDS.
Recognizing similar conditions and trends as the Savings & Loan challenges, APDS decided to reintroduce the concept as a creative option for saving foreclosure ravaged neighborhoods.
In receiving the NSP funds, APDS works with Fulton County to identify foreclosed homes, make any needed repairs or rehabilitation, and sell the homes at affordable prices to homebuyers.
With 20 years experience revitalizing neighborhoods, APDS is a national firm offering services to assist a range of clients rebuild challenged communities.
Professionals in both the housing and real estate industry are scratching their heads trying to find answers," said Vaughn Irons, Chief Executive Officer of APDS.
Headquartered in Atlanta, APDS was formed to address the needs of local governments and housing community activists in their effort to "jump start" and revitalize communities hardest hit by massive foreclosures and the depressed economy.