APDUApplication Protocol Data Unit
APDUApplication Protocol Data Units (OSI)
APDUAssociation of Public Data Users
APDUApplication Programming Data Unit (software)
APDUAdvance Planning Document Update
APDUArmour Piercing Depleted Uranium (weapon)
APDUAnalytical Process Development Unit
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While the tech community has been buzzing about public data, open data, and Big Data for the past several years, APDU has been working on issues for more than 4 decades, keeping a relatively low profile in what's happening outside of its own community of statisticians and demographers.
116, "Remote APDU Structure for (Universal) Subscriber Identity Module (U)SIM Toolkit applications," Apr.
In particular, CLA (having size of 1 byte) specifies a class of commands (as defined by ISO 7816-4), INS (1 byte) denotes the particular command inside this class, P1 (1 byte) and P2 (1 byte) are the parameters of the command, Lc (1 byte) denotes the size of the following DATA field, DATA contains data to be sent to the smart/Java card, and finally Le (1 byte) shows the size in bytes of the possible APDU response.
Concerning APDU response, Java card sends a response containing in the status word SW, having size of 2 bytes, a response code of 0x9000 to indicate that the file transfer completed successfully.
CAP files are processed by an off-card installer, called scripigen, another tool of Java Card'm Technology (JCDK, 2008) that produces a script file containing the sequence of APDU commands necessary to upload the applets to the Java card.
The analysis of the emulator log shows the signature value that has been returned to SS by means of an APDU response.
At the end of the procedure, the emulator log shows that the APDU response given by the Java card to the signature software contains all zeros in the field DATA and an error code in the SW field.
function == 0x0b BACnet/IP Broadcast packets bacapp BACnet APDU packets bacapp.
Figure 2 shows the terminology we use to describe what happens to the request APDU "GET /research.
In the previous paragraph we describe a single APDU becoming a single TSDU, being encapsulated in a single TPDU, which in turn becomes a single NSDU encapsulated in a single NPDU.
3) Once the connect request is confirmed, the Web client submits a request to send data (in this case the APDU "GET /research.
If so, the Web server divides this APDU into multiple write() calls, i.