APECOAsia Pacific Economic Cooperation
APECOAntenne régionale pour les Pays de l'Europe Centrale et Orientale
APECOAurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (Philippines)
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The Tax Court held that no such purpose existed, citing several factors: APECO never used any of the horse proceeds; Kluener alone ultimately benefited from the transfer; Kluener distributed the proceeds to himself less than a year after first transferring the horses; Kluener actively hid the horses and the proceeds from APECO's officers and directors; Kluener normally funded APECO through loans, and the property transfer in which he transferred the horses broke with his usual business practices; and after the transfer, Kluener continued to pay his administrative assistant for horse operations out of his personal funds, even though the assistant had nominally become an APECO employee.
Two strong contrary facts, that APECO never used the proceeds and that Kluener actively hid information regarding the proceeds from the APECO officers and directors, did not overcome the weight of the facts supporting Kluener's position.
Afiliacion actual: Centro para la Conservacion Integral de los Ecosistemas Marinos del Pacifico Este - ecOceanica, y APECO.
APECO 70% Nature of Business Maintenance Service for Power Plants (Plant Maintenance Service, Engineering, Procurement, etc.
Salinel, APECO business development division manager, in a phone interview yesterday.
Moerover, for aquaculture, APECO contrives on working fishes like bluefin tuna, sea bass, milkfish, and lapu-lapu, among others.
Programa de Becas para la Investigacion de Especies Amenazadas "Maria Koepcke" de APECO - CI.
Afiliacion actual: APECO y Centro para la Conservacion Integral de los Ecosistemas Marinos del Pacifico Este - ecOceanica.
APECO s plan is to promote forest preservation in San Ildefonso, except for a 200 ha.
He said government's infrastructure investments within Central and Eastern Luzonincluding BalerCasiguran provincial road and the 19 bridges along it "made more sense with the establishment of APECO, acting like a rally point or growth pole towards which government pours its resources.
The APECO official also cited a 2012 study by the AsiaPacific Policy Center (APPC), which showed that the annual growth rate in Aurora province since 1993 for concreting of national roads was 197 percent.