APEEAssociation of Private Enterprise Education (Chattanooga, TN)
APEEAssociation for Paediatric Education in Europe (Association pour l'Enseignement de la Pédiatrie en Europe)
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Similarly, APEE needed the close attention to its finances that he provided during his early years with the organization.
The three papers in this symposium were originally presented at a session at the 2013 APEE meetings, titled "Banking and the State: Is Divorce Possible?
At the 2013 APEE meetings, I asked whether divorce would be possible again.
Paper prepared for the April 2011 Meetings of APEE in Nassau, the Bahamas.
It is an amazing honor for me to earn this award from APEE.
As a complement to this article, I have created a video based around my presentation at the APEE conference.
Jose Pinera presented these informal remarks after receiving the 2009 Adam Smith Award from APEE at a dinner at the Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Ciudad de Guatemala, April 5, 2009.
I wish to thank Bryan Caplan, Jeffrey Friedman, Dan D'Amico, Art Carden, two anonymous referees, and participants at the 2008 APEE meetings for helpful comments on earlier drafts of this paper.
Tollison, Bruce Yandle, participants in a session of the 2006 APEE meeting, two anonymous referees, and the editor of this journal for helpful comments.
O documento indica a entrada de Agostino Corona e, quase um ano depois, a entrada de toda sua familia (Projeto Imigrantes, APEES (4)).