APEGAssociation of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists
APEGAustralasian Paediatric Endocrine Group (Australia)
APEGAirborne Particles Expert Group (aerosol science)
APEGAssociação Portuguesa de Estudos Germanísticos (Portugese Association of German Studies)
APEGAssociate Parliamentary Engineering Group (London, England, UK)
APEGAlkaline Poly-Ethylene Glycolate
APEGAsia-Pacific Energy Group (consulting firm; various locations)
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We see this as a big development for the Australian resources sector," said APEG Director Shane Halliwell.
APEG recently supplied BelAZ dump trucks to one of Australia's leading mining houses and since April 2013 has had five units operating on a "hire-to-buy" basis while being evaluated against its existing fleet.
Halliwell said initially APEG will supply two models in Australia--the 240- and 360-mt-capacity trucks.
The FTIR spectra of APEG, APEL, and POLY(MA-APEL-PA) are exhibited in Fig.
It proves that -OH in APEG has been entirely replaced by--COC[H.
As representatives of more than one hundred non-government organisations and trade unions, advocating the interests of millions throughout the region covered by APEG, we fully support cooperation among its countries and their peoples.
on all governments participating in the APEG "summit" to fulfill the democratic mandate to secure justice, preserve the dignity and advance the economic, social and cultural well-being of all the people, and protect the natural heritage for our children's children.
APEGS feels that gender diversity is a critical component of our service to society, and therefore undertakes a number of activities to proactively promote STEM to girls and provide them the opportunity to interact with women in our professions.