APEOAssociation of Professional Engineers of Ontario
APEOAsia Pacific Education Office
APEOAction pour Enfants Oublies (French: Action for Forgotten Children; Democratic Republic of Congo)
APEOAssistant Program Executive Officer
APEOAcademic Preparation and Equal Opportunity (University of California, Santa Barbara)
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Because many products containing APEOs did not list surfactants on labels, a significant fraction of the products may contain 4-t-nonylphenol from other uses, such as plasticizers, or are simply unlabeled.
2-1 Output of APEO and its share in ethoxylate, 2001-2008
Rhoplex EZ Clean 200 also contains no APEO (alkyl phenol ethoxylate), allowing it to be formulated into paints that meet environmental and regulatory compliance.
Additionally, both are free of added APEO surfactants, and with minimum film forming temperature (MFFT) values approximately 0[degrees]C, may be formulated to <50 g/L VOC without the use of "low-VOC" plasticizing coalescents.
Furthermore, customers are looking at removing other chemicals such as APEO from their final products, and Celanese has responded by offering a line of emulsions that meet this market expectation.
They provide outstanding appearance, gloss retention, superior repairability, recoatability, and are APEO free.
The broad-spectrum, water-based cationic fluoropolymer is PFOA-free at or above detection limits and has no VOCs or APEO.
Aqueous dispersions APEO and VOC free for a wide variety of water-based applications.
The water-based binder also does not contain any organic solvents or plasticizers and is APEO (alkylphenolethoxylate)-free.
Comments: NeoRez R-552 is a polyurethane dispersion that is APEO and TEA free (HAPS free) for automotive and industrial laminating applications.
Switzerland is the only country to outright ban APEO surfactants, which it did in the early 1990s.
All are APEO free with excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction for numerous coating and ink applications.