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APERSArkansas Public Employees Retirement System (benefit plan)
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In the fiscal year just concluded, APERS paid out nearly $455 million in benefits.
During the summer institute, NPDC staff introduces the conceptual model for the project; describes the APERS and how it will be used to assess program quality; reviews the EBPs, web-based modules, and processes for selecting EBPs for specific goals; and presents information about the goal attainment scale and has teachers practice developing scales for students who were or will be in their classes.
Beyond stocks and bonds, APERS invests in "diversified strategies," which include a hedge fund of funds and holdings in stocks, bonds and cash throughout the world, and real assets, which include commodities and real estate.
According to the attorney general's office, National Timber entered into a contract with APERS in October 2012 and agreed to purchase APERS' interest in the NTP Timber Plus Fund I, L.
46 percent, which will be about $180 million annually, according to Gail Stone, executive director of APERS.
Both buildings never performed according to projections used to justify APERS buying the properties.
John Flake, a principal in the management firm, brokered the sale of both buildings to APERS.
Pryor said ATRS, APERS and other state-operated pension funds lost about $47.
Flake also sold APERS the nearby Atkins Building, which is half-million behind on its projected revenue.
APERS invested in only two properties, the Union Bank Building (now renamed One Union Plaza) and the nearby Atkins Building (now Two Union Plaza).
But APERS ended its investment activity after buying only two office buildings -- both of them controversial purchases the details of which were dragged out in the public corruption case against former state Sen.