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APFAssociation des Paralysés de France
APFAnnotated Pratchett File (Terry Pratchett fansite)
APFAssemblée Parlementaire de la Francophonie (French)
APFAsia-Pacific Foundation (UK)
APFAssigned Protection Factor (US OSHA; respiratory protection)
APFAnti-Privatisation Forum
APFAppropriated Fund(s)
APFAdvanced Policy Firewall (computer security)
APFAmerican Porphyria Foundation
APFAustralian Parachute Federation
APFAmerican Psychiatric Foundation (Arlington,VA)
APFNaples, FL, USA (Airport Code)
APFApplication File(s)
APFAssociação para o Planeamento da Família (Portugese: Family Planning Association)
APFAuthorized Program Facility
APFAsian Packaging Federation
APFAfrican Peace Facility (est. 2004; Africa and EU)
APFAtlanta Police Foundation
APFAssociation for the Propagation of the Faith
APFAdaptive Project Framework
APFAtomic Packing Factor (the fraction of unit cell occupied by atoms in material science)
APFAll-Pass Filter
APFAnimal Protein Factor
APFAustralian Pharmaceutical Formulary
APFAuxiliary Particle Filter
APFAmerican Psychoanalytic Foundation
APFAsia Partnership Fund (est. 1981)
APFAssociaçao Portuguesa de Fisioterapeutas
APFAutomatic Purge Filtration (KitchenAid)
APFAdvanced Productivity Family (Applied Materials, Inc.)
APFAircraft Prototype Facility (US Navy)
APFAutomatic Pressure Filter
APFAll PINs Fail
APFApple Preferred Format (graphics file format/extension)
APFAdvanced Particle Filter
APFAsset Protection Forum
APFAdvice of Project Funds
APFActive Path First model (reliability)
APFAssociated Press Financial News
APFAmerican Philatelic Foundation (Los Angeles, California)
APFAdvanced Planning Funds
APFAvailability Planning Form
APFAir Procedures Flight (Ramstein Air Base, Germany)
APFAmerican Premier Funding (San Diego, CA)
APFAlien Play Field (gaming)
APFApplication Processor Frame
APFAnalyst Private File
APFAdequate Public Facilities
APFafloat pre-positioning force (US DoD)
APFAmerican Pain Foundation
APFAmerican Pakistan Foundation
APFActive Power Filter
APFAmericans for Prosperity Foundation (Arlington, VA)
APFAfloat Prepositioning Force
APFAmazon Products Feed
APFAnother Pretty Face (band)
APFAdvanced Printer Function
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The accounting treatment of stocks and flows associated with the APF
When you see a smooth, non-wrinkled attachment of the APF on to the paper or film companion roll, you're ready to laminate phototools.
Patton brings more than 25 years of commercial finance and banking experience to his new role at APF.
The Gold Certification for the Club Row Building is the latest milestone in APF Properties' ongoing campaign to achieve LEED and Energy Star compliance throughout its $900 million portfolio of commercial office buildings in New York, Philadelphia and Houston.
Nafis Sadik, welcomed the new appointees, saying, "Our new board members have a deepCErooted commitment to working towards a better Pakistan and bring a diverse set of experiences and skills to APF.
Additional information on APF and pain can be found in the For the Media section of website.
The raffle to help APF and possibly win a custom luxury home (or one of 930 cash prizes) is open to all persons over the age of 18.
APF Properties custom built the space in 10 weeks to accommodate the tenant's needs.
Knowledge of how to safely use treatments among providers and people with pain will result in better treatment choices, safer use of these therapies and, in turn, help improve access to pain care for all," said Will Rowe, CEO, APF.
The Producer APF system has been one of our most successful products, achieving exponential growth as customers adopted it into volume production for an increasing number of device layers," said Derek Witty, general manager of Applied's blanket dielectric films division.
Khan's first course of action will be to hire APF staff, including the Director of Development and the Pakistan-based Executive Director, and finalize the organization's strategic plan.
Our first-generation APF film is one of the industry's most successful CVD(1) applications and has had a major impact on customers' ability to move to 90nm and below dimensions.